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Through a combination of technical SEO expertise, creative content creation and aggresive promotion, we have the skills to propel your business up the search engine rankings.
The first activity we will perform is an SEO audit that will identify:
  • Technical SEO Website Problems
  • Current Content Issues
  • Quick SEO Wins
Following the SEO Audit we will be able to craft a  bespoke plan for your business. This plan will include:
  • Fixing existing issues
  • Creating new content
  • Building backlinks

Over the last 10 years we have achieved numerous success stories by using the latest SEO techniques.

Read on to find out the reasons that you must use SEO services Cardiff to grow your business.

SEO is not only necessary for your business, it’s one of the best investments that you can make.

By investing in SEO, you create long-term value for your website that will continue to accrue over time. So, the sooner you start to invest in SEO then the sooner that you will start to enjoy the benefits of the investment.

Google Processes 6 Billion Searches A Day

This statistic shows clearly that people are searching for your products and services online. You need to attract some of this traffic to your website to generate to more leads and sales for your business.

Mobile search is making SEO even more important for small businesses

People no longer wait until they get home to make a search online. There are now more mobile searches than desktop so people are searching for products and services at the exact time that they need them and are ready to make a purchase.

By investing in Local SEO you’re putting your small business in front of people who are your ideal customers and are ready to make a purchasing decision quickly.

Better search engine rankings will give your business credibility

As previously stated, everyone is looking for products and services online but being at the top of Google has an added advantage as it implies credibility for your business.

Having a high ranking means that Google and other searchers have found your website to be relevant. This builds trust and authority for your business and give consumers a positive feeling towards your business before they even start searching around your site.

SEO Rankings change quickly

Even if your website is already ranking highly in search results it means that you must continue to invest in SEO in order to stay there. If you do not continue to invest, then your competition will start to outrank you online.

If you’re not currently ranking highly in search results, you have an opportunity to rise up the search results by investing in a solid SEO strategy that will gradually improve your rankings.

SEO is not going away

In the fast-changing world of technology none knows exactly what is around the corner, but it is pretty fair to assume that the focus is not going to shift back to advertising on the radio, television and in printed publications. Even when people visit a store to purchase, it is quite likely that they have made their research online and have already have a lot of knowledge on the product or service.

Online shopping and searching is not only here to stay, it’s going to keep growing and evolving and with that means SEO will continue to change as well. It’s important to start investing now so you set your business up for success in the future.

What is SEO and how does it work? (6 minutes)

SEO Services Cardiff

We hope that this article has helped you understand why SEO is so important to your business.

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