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How can you improve my website rankings in Google and increase traffic to my site, but without committing large amounts in investment? This is one suggestion from SEO specialist Cardiff

Use Long Tail Keywords as the target keywords for each page

Shorter keywords tend to be highly competitive

Search engine results with short, specific keywords are crowded with other competitors, and searchers can quickly be distracted away from your page – even if you do manage to make it into the higher rated pages

Moreover – short keywords are more expensive, thus forcing online marketers to make high investments just to have a slim chance of making it to the top

The thing about using short keywords is that, apart from being a costly strategy to implement, it doesn’t convert as good as long tail keywords. Once searchers know more about what they are looking for they tend to broaden their search parameters by using longer keywords.

Because of that, the massive investment made in specific, short keywords will have lower return on investment if compare with ROI from targeting long tail keywords.

Why go with long-tail keywords?

Well firstly, with a perfectly crafted and well executed Long Tail Keyword strategy, you don’t need to spend large amounts of money for short keywords anymore. Since these types of keywords are usually industry or niche-specific, they are less competitive and less costly.

Additionally, unlike the generic short version, long tail keywords are very relevant to your business, lending themselves to greater visibility and higher conversion rates.

For a much lower investment in a long tail keyword strategy, many of our customers have seen significant improvement in their page rankings, and double-digit increase in traffic – in just 4 to 6 weeks.

Long tail keyword strategies are proven, as traffic magnets and ranking boosters. However, they only work well if they are designed and executed well.

SEO specialist Cardiff

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