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SEO web design is about creating a website that appears at the top of the search engines.. SEO web design is not about the style or colour or style of your website – Google does not cares about  these things. Find out how how to perform SEO website design Cardiff.

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SEO Friendly Web Design Principles

These are the activities that need to be performed to make your website SEO friendly to Google.

Make it accessible

Make sure that it is as easy as possible for Google to index your website pages by following these steps:

  • Optimize your Robots.txt
  • Check for Crawl Errors
  • Submit an XML Sitemap
  • Use Canonical URLS
  • Use ALT Text for Images
  • Add Structured Data Markup

Have a well-organised website structure

Search engines crawl your website home page and look for links to find our pages. So ensure that all you pages on your website can be accessed directly or indirectly from your home page.

Note that any page on your website must be accessible from the homepage in less than three clicks.

Also using a breadcrumb menu that permits uses to click back through the patch to the home page is recommended.

Solid URL Structure

The target keyword of each page or post should be included in your URL. They should be:

  • Short
  • Not include dates

Contains Internal Links

The pages and posts in your website should be interlinked using Internal Links for the following reasons:

  • To help crawling and indexing
  • To build topic relevancy
  • To direct traffic to the most important pages

It is important that your most important pages on your website are linked directly to and from your home page.

On Page SEO Optimization

This subject is covered in more detail on this post but each page on your website must have a target keyword and follow the Google rules. Pages include:

  • The Homepage
  • Category Pages
  • Single Pages or Posts
  • Landing Pages

The target keyword should be your page title and H2 tags should be used to structure each page.

User Experience

This section seems obvious but many websites still do not achieve these basis user experience goals:

  • The website must load within 3 seconds
  • The website should work on all mobile devices
  • The website should be secure and use https (SSL)

SEO website design Cardiff

As you can see from this guide there are many tasks that need to be performed to get a good SEO website design Cardiff.