Slow Websites

Is it the web page that’s slow or is it your network connection?

When a visitor clicks on a link to your website, does your homepage appear instantly, orr do they have to wait a long while for the page to load?

If they have to wait a long time (more than 3 seconds) this I bad news as Google has announced a plan to identify and label websites that typically load slowly.

Can you imagine the effect that it will have on the click through rate to your website if it is labeled as ‘slow’?

Google will look at the history of website loading speed to determine which sites it is going to mark as slow. So the time to speed up your website is NOW!

Google uses a website’s mobile version when indexing its page

Google has produced a guide to building fast websites on its learning platform

Since 2015, the majority of Google users start their searches from mobile devices.

Google now uses a website’s mobile version when indexing its pages, and it offers fast AMP pages to help mobile users get to information more quickly.

If you haven’t checked your website’s speed lately, do it now at

Take it as a wake-up call

If your website is loading slowly you have two options:

  • Fix the existing website by changing the size of graphics files it uses, removing Flash, redicing the number of interactive plugins or by fine tuning the code
  • Build a news website (taking care not to loose your SEO links). If you are using WordPress, be careful not choose a lightweight theme such as Astra and a fast page builder such as Elementor

Competitive Disadvantage

In reality, you should not need this wake-up call from Google to know that a slow loading website is driving your customers away especially if your competitors have websites load more quickly, and are  more mobile-friendly than yours.

Your website is the main way by which most prospective customers will learn about your business.

If you advertise online, each time a potential customer clicks on your advert it is costing you money to link to your site. If the visitor closes the window before the page loads or when moving between pages takes an age you are wasting your money

Now is the time to act.