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Get Your Message Across With A Spotify Advertising Campaign

The are two types of Spotify accounts, both have a similar access unlimited access to millions of songs.
Free with adverts
Paid without adverts
Spotify ads costs are calculated on a CPM basis (cost per thousand impressions) and will work on both desktop and mobile.

Types of Spotify Ads

These are the types of Spotify Ads that are currently available.

By far the most popular are the Audio ads that play for upto 30 seconds about every 15 minutes on thes user’s Spotify channel.

Please find out more information on all the different Spotify Advertising Options here.

Spotify Ad Targeting

Spotify permits us to target your audience in several different ways. It is possible to reach users based on their habits, mindsets and tastes as well as the normal demographic targeting.

Spotify works be offering its users playlists with music tailored to specific tastes and actives.  For example, you can have a playlist to work out, party, relax and travel.

It is possible for us to see people who are listening to certain playlist often and to target them. Also, you can deliver your advert after a user has listened to a particular type of music.

Spotify User Account Set Up

When a user signs up for a  Spotify account they provide details about themselves which we use to target people across mobile and desktop devices.

Details include age and gender, geographical location and their language.

We also study the online behavior of the Spotify users to see their streaming habits and other online interests with information provided by third party data providers.

By using this data we get accurate targeting and high success rates.

What Can Spotify Advertising in Cardiff Help Your Business?

Spotify can help grow you business in the following ways:

If you want to know more about how Spotify advertising in Cardiff and how it can be used to meet your advertising requirements, then please contact us.

We will bring experience and knowledge to make your spotify adverts in Cardiff campaign successful and save you a lot of time trying to get the best out of Spotify on your own.

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We also offer other services such as email marketing, social media management, and SEO.