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How To Peform Regular SEO On Your Website

Unfortunately, search engine optimization is an ongoing process and cannot just be left alone. SEO Monthly Tasks This article gives information on the tasks that have to be done every month to get and, keep your place at the top of the search engine rankings.
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Are You Stuck on Page #2 of Google? – (7 Ways To Fix This)

Stuck on Page #2 of Google? 7 Methods to Improve the Situation Page 2 of Google may seem like a bad place to be, from an SEO perspective. But in reality, these keywords and pages are the place where you should focus if you want to quickly increase your traffic. Here are the reasons why: The website content has already been written The pages have already been indexed by Google… Read More »Are You Stuck on Page #2 of Google? – (7 Ways To Fix This)
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How Long Does It Take To Rank On The First Page Of Google ?

How Long Does It Take to Get First Page Rankings? Over the last 10 years this is the most asked question that we have. People smile when they hear the answer but it is not really what they want to hear. The first thing that matters here is getting ranked for keywords that will drive traffic to your business rather than some random terms the business owns thinks that are… Read More »How Long Does It Take To Rank On The First Page Of Google ?
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How to fix your organic SEO issues

Having problems with SEO ? How to fix your organic SEO issues Reduce Long-form content This is where people take a volume approach to creating their website content. They think that more text is simply better. With tools such as SurferSEO  you can check whether longer content is performing well for the keywords that you are targeting. Then you will find out if t isi better to condense your content… Read More »How to fix your organic SEO issues
SEO Services Clearly Explained

SEO Services Clearly Explained

Our SEO Services Will Start Delivering Immeadiate Results We know that we cannot put you at the top of Google for all your keywords in a few days,but our detailed SEO Audit will unviel quick wins that we can implement and start you movement up the SEO rankings. Over the last 10 years,we have achieved considerable success for many clients using the latest SEO techniques Read on to discover the… Read More »SEO Services Clearly Explained
How Much Does SEO Cost in Cardiff?

How Much Does SEO Cost?

How Much Does Search Engine Optimisation Cost? The first considerations are: How competitive is your industry and How competitive are the areas you cover on Google? Even then, for some local businesses, being on the first page of Google leads to a large increase in leads and sales, while for others it only makes a small difference. Then you should ask some questions about your website (if you have one):… Read More »How Much Does SEO Cost?
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How to perform a quick SEO Audit on your website

How to Quickly Search Engine Optimise Your Most Important Pages The problems with SEO is the detail and, unfortunately, there are a lot of details.  To do a detailed audit you must have a checklist but this guide focusses on the major SEO audit points. Webpage Title Tag Although the Title tag is one of the most important SEO aspects it does not actually appear on your webpage! The best… Read More »How to perform a quick SEO Audit on your website
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How to improve your website SEO

How to Improve your Website SEO There are many SEO ways to increase search rankings and organic traffic to your website. Here are some DO’s and DON’T’s from a specialist SEO Company Cardiff. DO’s: The Best Practices for Improving Your SEO Frequently Update Your Website Frequently updated website content offers search engines fresh content and sources of new information for their search requests. All of the content on your website should be… Read More »How to improve your website SEO
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How to use long tail keywords to improve your SEO

How to use Long Tail Keywords to Improve Your SEO Long tail keywords are search queries usually consisting of two or more words that narrow down the focus of the search results and bring up more specific results. You may want to take time to talk with SEO expert Cardiff to decide the correct approach to using long tail keywords. Long tail keywords are also often lower difficulty and lower volume.… Read More »How to use long tail keywords to improve your SEO