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We are not here to bamboozle you with technology.
Our aim is to get you to the top of Google with quality Cardiff website design. So, when potential customers  click on the search engine result they land on a website that will solve the problem that they are investigating.

Listed below are the things that we do do make sure that you get the results that you need:

Website Design Principles

It is not only the visual design of your website that will determine its success.
These days it is very likely that your customers will visit your website before contacting you or visiting your store – so it is vital that your website includes all the essential principles of good website design.

Keep it Simple and Consistant

A clean and fresh website design not only makes your website visually appealing but it will also help your user navigate from one section of the website to another.
The fonts, sizes, headings, sub-headings, and button styles must be the same throughout the website. The fonts and colours must be decided at the start of the project and maintained throughout the project

Typography and Readability

Your website typography must be visually appealing and readable for visitor. Select modern sans-serif fonts as Arial or Helvetica that are easy to read so that you get your message across.
Use headings and bold to bring out the key messages about your products and services. The keywords must be cleverly embedded in the text to read well but also rank at Google.

Mobile Device Compatibility

It goes without saying that your website must look as good on mobile devices as it does on your desktop or laptop computer.
A responsive website includes all the same content and information on any device you access it on, but it changes the way it’s displayed and arranged based on the size of the device screen. This is the best option for making your website mobile friendly

Use of Quality Images

The use of images will give your website a good balance and portray the message that you are trying to get across.
Our website designers only use high quality images that are your own or come from a authorized source and don’t clutter the page with too many or heavy images.

Fast Loading

This point is even more important know that mobile device activity has overtaken desktop devices in usage.
Take care of it by optimizing image sizes, combing code into a central CSS or JavaScript file as it reduces HTTP requests. Also, compress HTML, JavaScript and CSS for enhanced loading speed.

Easy Navigation

Study shows that visitors stay more time on the websites having easy navigation. For effective navigation, you may consider creating a logical page hierarchy, using bread scrums, and designing clickable buttons. You should follow the “three-click-rule” so that visitors can get the required information within three clicks.

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Web Design Cardiff

Keeping the aforementioned principles of good website design, we can  make a website development using an aesthetic and functional WordPress Website Design.

We believe that a WordPress Web Design Company is the ​best way to achieve these Web Page Design Principles in many cases.

Only with a clean and user-friendly website design Cardiff, you will have a basis to succeed on-line.