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This article will show you how to write website content that will be useful to your website visitors.

Just this morning we had a call from a new client, she said that se was worried that she was not appearing on after one month. While this is not unusual, when we investigated her website we found that she was unlikely to appear for the next 10 years as the content was so bare.

Over the last 10 years, we have written thousands of articles for clients, that not only appear on the first page of Google but have impressed the audience to contact them.

Read on to see what we told this lady.

1. Put the most important information at the top of the page

Otherwise they will not read anymore

2. Share a Personal Story

Provide real life examples of the problems that you have found and how you solved them.

3. Use Emotion

Always think “How can I make an emotional impact on the reader” which will gain affinity and encourage them to make contact.

4. Provide Value

No one is going to stay on your website for very long if you do not provide content that will help them solve the problem that they are facing.

5. Know What Search Terms Your Audience Are Using

You will be surprised that the phrases that you think that your audience is using are maybe not accurate.

To determine the correct search terms, a keyword panning tool such as SEM Rush must be used.

6. Use Short Simple Sentences (Just like in this Article)

Use nouns and advert more than adverbs and adjectives. Use ‘can do phrases’ and specify the subject of the sentence.

The The Readability Test Tool will scan your text and score its readability:

7. Give Examples

Use specific, descriptive, real-world examples to help readers better understand your products and services. Include statistics and links to other pages to back up what you are stating.

8. Do Not Use Technical Expressions

Make sure information is understandable for the educated non-specialist. Spell out acronyms on first reference.

9. Mix up the Words you Choose to Describe the Same Thing

Choose different words rather than repeating the same ones throughout the article.

10. Make Text Easy to Scan

Make sure that your text is easy to skim read. Use headers and sub-headers to help your visitor find the information that they are looking for.

11. Incorporate Images and Videos

Very often it is easy to show exactly what your mean using graphical images but don’t go over the top for the sake of it. You don’t have to use your own videos if you can find them on Youtube.

12. Link Pages Together

Your website content should be grouped. Each article in in the group should be linked to each other to provide more information on your subject.

13. Have a call to action

The call to action t the end of the article should be short and start with action verbs like Download, Share, Join, Sign Up or Learn More

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