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We have no doubt that you have heard how important your website content is to your search engine rankings, but the new Google Core and Diversity updates make the quality of your content even more important.

Google is judging more and more the quality of your website by the amount of time your visitors are staying on the site.

The longer the better. But they will only stay on the site if there is something worth staying for.

Questions to ask

This is not an SEO test. The following questions are related to the quality of your website content to your potential clients.

If your website visitors are happy with the content then you can be happy that Google will be happy as well.

Is your content useful to the visitor?

  • If your content original and informative?
  • Does the content cover everything to know about the topic?
  • Do you have attention-grabbing headlines and succinct summaries?
  • Are you enhancing the value of researched content, or simply regurgitating what others have created?
  • Is your content worthy to be included in or cited by other reputable publications?

Are you seen as the expert?

  • Does your content provide authoritative and evidenced-based content?
  • Does the content inspire trust and confidence among consumers/visitors?
  • Are 3rd-party sites, whose content you link to or reference, considered domain experts in their field?
  • Have you ensured your content is free from factual errors?
  • Is the content producer (writer/creator) an expert is his/her field?

Does your content laid out in an easy to read manner?

  • Is the content well-written, using a cautious blend of styles and fonts?
  • Have you evaluated the content for logical and physical breaks and section headers?
  • Is the content mobile-friendly?
  • Has it been well laid out, error-free, grammatically perfect, and supported by illustrations, graphics and video?
  • Is the content drowning in sponsored ads?

Does content provide a competitive edge?

  • Compared to the competition, is your content offering additional value to your readers/visitors?
  • Are you striving to provide fresh content more frequently than other competitive sites?
  • Is your content ‘reader-friendly’ or are you simply piecing it together – with trending keywords, buzz-words and headlines – just to rank better than the competition?

Website Content Writing Service Cardiff the answer to a lot of these questions is ‘No’, and you do not have the time to rectify the situation, then our onboard journalists can create content, with your help, to keep your visitors on your website for much longer.

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