Does your website design Cardiff have these basic mistakes that are costing you money ?

1. Company vs. Customer Copy

The first mistake is using company-focused, rather than customer-focused copy. By this, we mean answering the prospect’s question, “What’s in it for me?”That’s what everyone is asking when they first land on your website. How is your business going to help me? In other words, the copy on your page needs to address all of the benefits of your product or service. Explaining what you do is important, but you need to take it a step further and relate it to clear benefits.

2. The 3 Second Test

There have been studies that show website visitors make split-second decisions about whether or not to stay on a website. A rule of thumb is that you have about 3 seconds. If you don’t capture your prospects attention in just 3 seconds, then they are gone. This is a fundament part of web design cardiff.This means two things:Your website must load quickly. We’re all impatient and if your website takes a few seconds to load, then your visitor isn’t going to wait.Everything on the top of the page needs to be clear and compelling enough to get the visitor to want to read more. You don’t have to sell or close the deal in 3 seconds, you just have to get the prospect to scroll or click around.

3. Weak or No CTA

Many websites do not have a strong CTA (call-to-action). In fact, some do not have a CTA at all. That means the visitor has to want to work with you so bad that they will have to search out your contact information on her own.If you want phone calls, then make the phone number CTA very prominent on the website. The upper right corner is a common location where most visitors will know to look.

4. No Lead Magnet

The vast majority of your website visitors are simply not ready to buy right at the moment they are on your website. That doesn’t mean they aren’t interested. It just means the timing isn’t right.The beauty of a lead magnet is that it gives you contact information for prospects who are interested, but not yet ready to buy. And then, you can follow up via email to nurture, educate, and build trust until the prospect is ready to take the next step.

Website Design Cardiff

If you are a business that needs Website Design Cardiff then it is best to contact a professional so that you do not have these basic website design mistakes