Website SEO Cardiff
With a SEO friendly website it is easy for search engines to crawl and understand the structure and its content. This is vital why you need website SEO Cardiff.

The website has unique titles and descriptions for all pages

The titles are between 60-65 characters and the descriptions are aprx 150 characters. Titles and descriptions accurately describe what the page is about without being keyword stuffed.

The URLs are well formatted

The urls of a webpage are descriptive, all lower case and separated by dashes.

The pages load quickly

Fast loading websites are have an advantage in SEO ranking algorithms over websites that are slower and generate more user interactions.

It has unique content

There is no point in just copying text from other websites into yours as Google will not index duplicate pages. You need to create your own unique content.

Pages must Include images that are optimized for search engines

When you do so, make sure that the images are optimized for size and also that you set a meaningful image filename and ALT text.

Pages have a meaningful structure

A web page usually needs the following elements:
  • Header
  • Breadcrumb menu
  • Page Title (that’s the H1 tag – there is only one per page)
  • Well formatted text – text is separated into a number of short paragraphs with subheadings
  • Author information
  • Footer

Why do you need a SEO friendly website?

  1. Increase in organic traffic (that is traffic from search engines)
  2. It will make your website user friendly
  3. It gives you brand credibility
  4. It is cost effective

SEO is even more important on mobile

A website that is mobile friendly and has good rankings on mobile search can get more customers and traffic that websites that are not mobile SEO friendly.

Website SEO Cardiff

The most important advantage of having a Website SEO Cardiff is that you will get more targeted organic traffic from search engines.