To get your website to the to of Google you or your Cardiff WordPress website agency must properly perform the following WordPress SEO activities or you will not get success.

WordPress SEO Agency Cardiff

Yoast Configuration

Before you start creating posts and pages set up this Yoast configuration:

  1. Configure the settings- turn off what you don’t need
  2. Verifying Webmaster Tools – Use the HTML Tag verification option
  3. XML Sitemap Submission
  4. Noindex Unhelpful Content – Archives
  5. Do not use Snippet Variables in Page/Post
  6. Add Date To Snippet Preview (For Posts)
  7. Add Post Last Updated Plugin
  8. Strip Category From URLs
  9. Enable Breadcrumbs
  10. Customise Social Meta Data
  11. Utilise Yoast Bulk Editor to bulk edit meta data
  12. Redirect Manager – add as necessary

Perform Full Keyword Research

We recommend using the following tools in your keyword research:

  • Answer The Public takes keywords from Google Autocomplete and then divides them into questions, prepositions, and comparisons
  • Google Autocomplete- Here you can also use an underscore character _ anywhere in the phrase and Google will fill in the blank
  • Use Moz Keyword Explorer
  • HubShout WebGarder

On-Page SEO Setup

A full on-page SEO guide can be found here but as a summary:

  • Choose Focus keyword and second keyword
  • Minimum 300 words in each page include Focus keyword twice
  • SEO title: 50-55 characters – use focus keyword and synonym in title
  • Meta description: 145-155 characters – use focus keyword and synonym in title
  • Use Focus keyword as Slug (URL)
  • Add Rich Snippets / Structured Data – WP Review is comprehensive if a little expensive
  • Image File Name and Image Alt Text should be the same as the Focus keyword
  • Use Internal Links – as well increasing SEO they can show in the sitelinks section of Google’s search results- Use clear Anchor Text in Link
  • Use External links to trustworthy websites that expand on the information in this page – Use clear Anchor Text in Link
  • Use link titles to aid visitors on what is contained in the link that they are clicking on
  • Add a few tags that describe the page

Website Speed Optimization

  • The speed of your website is more important than ever to obtain good SEO rankings.
  • Use GTmetrix, Pingdom and PageSpeed Insights to check the performance of your website
  • Choose a top hosting company – we recommend SiteGround in Europe and InMotion Hosting in the Americas
  • Choose Lightweight Theme and Plugins (only use what plugins are necessary)
  • Optimize Your Images – Use Imagify or Smush
  • Use a Cache Plugin – WP Rocket is good
  • Implement Cloudflare CDN
  • Lazy Load Videos
  • Cleanup Database – WP Rocket can also do this

Google Search Console Tasks

Google Search Console is more useful than Google Analytics for SEO.

Some uses of Google Search Console are:

  • Set domain name- Do not Include www
  • Set International Targeting
  • Check WordPress Security
  • Perform Search Analytics
  • Check for broken links

Local SEO Requirements

Google My Business

Google Mt Business is the first thing to set up for Local SEO. Take time to complete as much accurate information as possible. Make it easy for customers to leave reviews, include a custom link, and allow customers to message you.


Citations are online mentions of your business name but really they are business director entries or social media profiles. Examples are Google My Business, YellowPages, Bing Places, Facebook and Yelp,

Building a good number of citations and getting reviews on them is a big factor to rank higher in local search results. Moz Local and Whitespark will help you show you which websites are good to add the citations.

Customer Reviews

Your Google My Business page is the most important place to get reviews on and only one review is needed for the stars to show up in Google’s search results. Reviews only count towards 10% of your ranking but 90% in terms of conversion as good reviews are a great trust factor. You can send links the your customers to encourage them to make reviews.

Multiple Locations

If your business has multiple locations then each location should have a  Google My Business, Yelp, social profiles, Moz Local and Whitespark page.

Geo-Targeted Pages

Each of your Geo-Targeted pages should have unique content – avoid the situation where everything is the same except the location as it it will be counted as duplicate content. Wach page should have the location’s unique business name, address and phone number.

Local Rank Tracker

Use a tool like Whitespark’s Local Rank Tracker. The tool is accurate and tracks keywords for multiple locations across Google organic and Maps.

Other Miscellaneous Points

Homepage SEO

Your homepage should usually target the main keyword that you want to rank your business for in the search engines. Don’t forget to include the full meta data description for the home page

Write A Quality About Us Page

Google and your customers want to know that you are a legitimate business. This page should also be search engine optimized for a key service that your business offers.

Check for Duplicate Content

Use a tool like Siteliner to find duplicate content. On your website. It is permissible to reuse an image or a few lines of text but don’t create duplicate pages as they will not get indexed by Google.


It is vital that you increase your credibility and security by using SSL (https://)

Add Table of Contents

This can be easily done using the free Easy Table Of Contents Plugin

Add Social Sharing Buttons

Social Sharing enables your website users to share the content over Facebook, Twitter, Google, LinkedIn and Whatsapp

WordPress SEO Agency Cardiff

If you want to have success in the search engines then you must employ a WordPress SEO Agency Cardiff​ that will complete the whole process and has many years experience in WordPress SEO.

A more complete guide with extra details can be found here.