WordPress is a very good platform to build great SEO websites but you need to follow the rules to get to the top of Google. 

We suggest using the Yoast SEO plugin to make this work easier for WordPress SEO Cardiff.

Wordpress SEO Cardiff

 URL Optimization

The URL of each page or post must have the following characteristics:

  • It must describe the page
  • Has a ‘–‘ between every word
  • Not too long

If you use the Yoast SEO plugin the URL should be exactly the same as the focus keyword for that page

Page Title Optimization

The page title should have the following characteristics

  • Length of 45 – 60 characters.
  • The title should reflect the content of the page
  • It should contain keywords that you are targeting

If you use the Yoast SEO plugin then the Page or Post title will be replaced by the title in the Yoast Snippet. The title in the Yoast Snippet be should contain the focus keyword for that page. In this way the Page or Post title can differ from the html title of the page.

Media SEO

Having images, videos or other graphics can make a page more interesting and easier to read.

  • Do not have too many media elements as they increase page load time.
  • Use YouTube to host the video to reduce the load on your server. You can also optimize the video for SEO on YouTube.
  • Use ALT Text for images and the proper schemas for videos

First Paragraph Optimization

The first paragraph at the top of a page is important for SEO.

  • Place text content at the top of a page.
  • The first couple of lines should reflect the contents of the page.
  • The Yoast target keyword should be in the first paragraph of the page

You can use the first 150 characters of your introduction as the meta description tag of the page as well.

Optimize Your Subheadings (H2, H3) and Content Formatting

Breakdown your content into sections and use subheadings, which are good for SEO, to describe each section.

Subheadings are useful for people who use skimming to find the relevant content when reading.

Use bold text, italics and small paragraphs to help identify key elements of a page.

Make use of internal links

Internal links are si links pointing to pages (or posts) on the same website.

Internal links four major purposes:

  • They link to other pages giving more detail on the subject.
  • They act as pointers to search engines so that they crawl and discover more pages from your website.
  • Third the anchor text of the internal links is used by search engines as a ‘guide’ on what the linking page is about.

Use keywords in your anchor text for internal links. Google will not penalize you.

Vary the anchor text.

Don’t just link to old posts from new posts but try to go back and edit older posts and add links to newer posts.

Content SEO

This is where SEO content comes into play. The most important guidelines are:

Content Uniqueness

Any content you publish on your website has to be unique.

Content Freshness

Keep your website up to date with fresh and informative content

Annotate your content with schemas

Use Structured Data on your pages as Schemas let Google know what your page is about  and will improve the way your website is shown in the search results.

WordPress SEO Cardiff

If you are having problems with WordPress SEO Cardiff contact SEO professionals to help you get to the top of Google.