Why Choose WordPress for your Website Design

If you are a small or medium sized business and are looking to create a new website then you have many options.  In this article we show you the advantages in using a WordPress Website Agency in Cardiff for your business.

WordPress Website Agency in Cardiff

Here we explain why we use WordPress as opposed to custom designed sites to basic cookie-cutter themes.

Ease of Use

Unless you are very good at graphic design and writing It is better to employ a professional website design company to build your website as it will save you time and you will end up with a much better product.

But you may then choose manage the website yourselves.

With WordPress it is very easy to update your website pages and blog posts. It is very easy to add new and edit existing pages and posts on your website using a friendly editor. We recommend Elementor.

You will not need need and programming skills to make use of all of the capabilities WordPress has to offer. It is very easy to add text, images, video, and effects to your webpages and posts.

Lower Website Cost

There are thousands of Word themes (templates) that are available – designed for all different types of businesses so there is no need to build a custom site from scratch. WordPress offers many customization options so your website will not look exactly the same as other businesses who may have purchased the same theme.

Also, WordPress has many plugins that can be used for many functions such as security, backups, performance, translations, forms and just about anything else. These themes are either free or available at a very low cost.

WordPress is Mobile Responsive

Most of all the WordPress themes are mobile responsive so it is very easy to build a mobile friendly website. The same theme can be used for viewing your website on a desktop computer as well as when mobile device so there is no cost involved in creating two separate designs.

WordPress is SEO friendly

While it is the content of the website that will ultimately decide whether your website appears at the top of the Google search there are many rules to be followed when creating SEO friendly pages like keyword density, sufficient text, links and sitemaps.

There are easy to use plugins like Yoast SEO that will help you to optimize your content and site structure that have free versions that offer a lot of functionality.

eCommerce Functionailty

Using the WooCommerce plugin it is possible to build a very complex eCommerce website with integration to many payment systems and delivery services as well as taxes, commissions, discounts and anything else that you need.

If you want a simple eCommerce site that does not contain so many design options we would recommend  using Shopify.

MultiLingual Websites

If you would like to extend you reach outside English speaking countries then it is very easy to add other languages using the WPML plugin.

You can then add manually created, SEO friendly translations to you website and be located in which ever country that you are targetting.

WordPress Website Design in Cardiff

If you are looking for a WordPress Website Design in Cardiff talk to an agency that has built hundreds of SEO Friendly WordPress websites.