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YouTube Videos - The Most Effective Form of Online Advertising

YouTube is one of the biggest, most popular websites in the world

YouTube has a larger adult audience than any cable network, and as opposed to television, you can direct your ad accurately to only to your target audience by location, demographic, behaviors, and interests

This platform offers an excellent opportunity for your business to reach new leads and grow by using YouTube Video Marketing in Cardiff.

Reasons to Advertise on YouTube

YouTube has an active user base

You can reach millions of people on YouTube with the average viewing session of about 40 minutes. People go on YouTube to watch entertaining content, to learn how to do something, to buy products and services and to learn about new travel destinations.

YouTube videos are very popular

Videos are 10 times more likely to interact with a video than a block of text and you are more likely to reach and engage your audience. The average number of videos watched per day on YouTube platform is 5 billion, you have great opportunities to reach your audience.

Videos are easily shareable

YouTube videos are easy to share, and people enjoy showing content to their friends and family. If you have an ad on a video and someone shares that video with a friend, they will see your ad too leading to your company getting more exposure and reaching more leads.

YouTube Advertising Options

Display Video Ads​

TrueView In-Display Video Ads

These videos do not play automatically, are promoted next to the YouTube videos, and your Ads account is only charged when users click on the thumbnail of the video

Stream Video Ads ​

YouTube In-Stream Video Ads

These ads are shown during the YouTube video and are quite cheap, costing around 4 pence per view. You can select between skippable and non-skippable ads

Textual Overlay In-Video Ads

Textual Overlay In-Video Ads

These ads are not videos and are very similar to Ads text ads, as the headline and description lines are the same number of characters, and they are overlaid in the YouTube video

Remarketing Video Advertising

Remarketing Video Advertising

Video remarketing is very cost effective and allows you to target those who have previously watched your videos on YouTube or the Google Display Network

Youtube Ad Cost (& The Factors That Affect It) [10 minutes]

YouTube Video Advertising in Cardiff

There Are Over 1 Billion YouTube Users.

Find Out How You Can Tap Into This Traffic by using YouTube Video Advertising in Cardiff.